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Human Bodies Art

Digital photography art composed entirely of the nude human form


Acrylic on canvas


CB 36x30 Front 600 Biography
CB 36x30 Back 600 Biography

I love to do commissions for new Human Bodies Artwork pieces and Paintings, whether for your home, boutique installation, or advertising campaign. I can also create custom orientations, sizes, and colors of my existing work. Just contact me to discuss!

In addition, all of my Human Bodies Artwork is available as museum-quality fine art, produced in a modern, bold style. I personally sign each physical piece and oversee its production. First, a Giclée print is made on Ilford paper and mounted to beautiful 1/4-inch acrylic, clear on the face and black on the back. All edges flush and polished, and the corners subtly tapered. Finally, a natural pine wood inset frame and Z-mount are added to the back, ready for hanging. Custom mounting styles are also possible.

Flowers are rectangular, and Butterflies and Birds are square (except for Peacock). Custom sizes are available, depending on the artwork. Some of my pieces are not available in every size.

Reproductions of my Paintings are available as well.

Please contact me directly to purchase a fine art piece or commission an original.


My artwork serves as a great springboard to discuss green business, sustainability, health, personal growth, and the beauty of the human body.


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Cecelia Webber uses the human body to construct intricate tessellations that represent the natural world. Her art implicates the viewer in its form, evoking our complex relationship with our bodies and nature. Her art has been featured around the world.

Born in a small town, Cecelia spent much of her childhood outdoors. Her deep appreciation for nature, along with her scientific background, give her a deep awareness of organic forms that she draws upon to concoct pieces bearing a unique interplay between colors, shapes, and models’ bodies.

In early 2010, Cecelia’s Flowers Series opened on exhibition at Renown Institute’s Healing Arts exhibit in Reno, Nevada. In 2011, she premiered her Butterflies Series at Barneys NYC. In 2012, she was the guest of honor at the Museo Civico (Natural History Museum) of Verona, Italy for Infinitamente, a science and art festival coordinated by Verona University and the City of Verona, unveiling her Birds.

Cecelia’s art has been the centerpiece of advertising campaigns by clients such as Harrison and Star (New York) and Monier SpA (Italy). Her work is featured worldwide in publications including Vanity Fair (Italy), ELLE (Mexico), The Huffington Post (USA), Duzhe (China), Claudia (Poland), The Sun (UK), and designboom (international online).

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